Founder - Annette

Founder - Annette


It all started when…

Annette attended the Tech Inclusion Conference in London, December 2017. It was an amazing and transformative experience for her. At the end, everyone was challenged to act on championing diversity and inclusion moving forward. She made the commitment to speak up and amplify.

And that’s what she’s been doing ever since. Diverse and Equal was formed to champion changing the narrative of the diversity conversation — from one of ethics and nice to have — to evidenced performance and profit improvements. She has continued to champion the cause — working to increase awareness of the careers available in Tech among people from under-represented groups with DiverseTechNW monthly taster workshops.

After planning the first conference in the NW England focused on increasing 3D diversity in the Tech sector in 2018, Annette was the keynote speaker at the first Code Your Future conference in Manchester and in 2019 presented at SheSays MCR and Her + Data.